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As North America’s largest high grade paper recycling company, we provide waste paper recycling and management services to over 1,000 clients from printers, converters and packaging facilities to binderies, archiving companies and others.  

Further, our fully tailored approach allows us to assess your company’s unique needs. These might include a one-time clear out, minimizing your current sorting and clearing costs, maximizing waste paper revenue or simply achieving more autonomy and efficiency when it comes to your waste management program. 

Let’s get started.  

Recycling guarantees

Our process guarantees your progress

Our process ensures that our wide range of clients get the best possible waste paper management solution for their uniquely different needs.

With 24/7 owner-operated service and support, onsite education and training for your staff, custom equipment supply and provisioning, no obligation access to our expert facility assessment and audit teams as well as catered solutions that maximize efficiency and value – our process guarantees your progress.

Our service is our promise

We’re deeply committed to customer service. In fact, our award-winning track record speaks for itself. You can be sure that any inquiries, support or service requests will be met by our recovery facilities quickly and efficiently. And, depending on where you are located, we offer a 24/7 dispatching service.

Working together starts here.

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