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Sustana’s innovative manufacturing processes mine the “urban forest” with the least amount of impact to the environment and its natural resources.

We are an industry-leading producer of quality fiber-based products and services built on a solid commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement.

Our Sustainable Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process meets the highest environmental standards, while delivering high-quality products. Our production processes, which focus on minimizing water usage, energy usage and waste, begins with fiber sourcing and fiber recovery.

Our Metrics

sustainable recycled fiber
Sustainable recycled fiber sourcing

Our main source of raw material is the ‘’urban forest’’ which we use to manufacture our recycled fiber. By sourcing alternative fiber from recovered recycled paper materials, we address the problem of landfills, pollution and generated waste. This ensures a minimal impact to the area’s biodiversity, environment and natural resources.

recycled water
Recycled water

Fresh water is a precious resource, so we treat it with care. Rather than constantly using fresh water, our paper mill recirculates every drop 30 times and uses six times less water than industry average. With less energy needed to heat fresh water, this closed-loop process contributes to our low environmental footprint. And our water treatment equipment ensures operations with clean water in, clean water out.

fsc fiber
FSC®-certified fiber

We use FSC®-certified virgin fiber and ensure a sustainable supply chain. Our products come with a Forest  Stewardship Council (FSC®)  Chain of Custody  certification, which considers all paper manufacturing steps, and marks that our products can be tracked back to an FSC®-certified source.

Sustainable Paper Manufacturing

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