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Sustana EnviroTouch™ 

Sustainable recycled fiber for use in the production of towel and tissue, technical and specialty papers, and white top liner.

Enviro Touch application

Superior strength and performance

This product provides manufacturers an exceptionally clean, environmentally sound recycled fiber that performs consistently on-machine, with low levels of dirt and minimal stickies. 


Why Sustana EnviroTouch™ 

High Freeness
Low Ash
Low Stickies
Produced with 100% Recycled Fiber
Processed Chlorine Free

Fiber is recycled and bleached with non-chlorine compounds. 

PCF New 2019
FSC® Certified FSC-C084677

FSC Recycled - Produced with 100% recycled fiber

Certificate Code: SCS-COC-003204

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Downloads & Specifications

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Sustana EnviroTouch™ Product Data Sheet
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Every year, Sustana recycles enough paper to save 4 million trees.

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