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Sustana Opaque™

Sustana Opaque™ is a premium-quality choice made from 30% sustainable recycled fiber. Excellent opacity and remarkable whiteness give you the perfect base for high-end publishing. Have confidence you’re making an environmentally friendly choice with this paper.

Premium surface

Sustana Opaque™ offers high brightness and a smooth surface, ensuring your content always looks sharp and images are always crisp and colorful.

Highly versatile

Available in several sizes and basis weights, as well as in two different colors and finishes. Choose Sustana Opaque™ for high-end magazines, mass mailings and promotional materials.

Certifications & Attributes

large 30
Recycle 30%
FSC C009908 Promotional Black EN cmyk
FSC® C009908
Logo Preferred By Nature
Preferred by Nature™
Elemental Chlorine Free
Permanent Paper

Downloads & Specifications

Using one short ton of Sustana Opaque™ instead of virgin paper is the equivalent of saving:

Icon trees
gallons of water
lb of greenhouse
gas emissions

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