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Life Cycle Assessment

At Sustana, our commitment to protecting the environment is part of everything we do. We believe the environment is an integral part of our manufacturing processes. Providing an LCA on our products underlines our commitment to transparency.

Like you, we care. 

What is LCA

What is an LCA?

An LCA is a systems-based quantitative method for evaluating the environmental impact of a product, from raw material extraction and processing, to manufacturing, distribution and disposal. 

Our LCA conforms to ISO 14040-14044 standards for LCA studies with comparative assertions intended to be disclosed to the public. That means results and conclusions were subject to a formal peer review process. 

LCA paper


We have conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess and manage the footprint of our papers, demonstrating that Sustana Enviro paper grades have the smallest environmental footprint when compared to the average papers in North America.  

We can help you manage your own paper footprint. By using Sustana papers, you can achieve a substantial improvement in your ecological balance sheet. 

LCA Fiber


As leaders in sustainable innovation and environmental stewardship, we are firmly committed to better understanding our footprint – and actively working to make it as small as possible. 

Our LCA will show you the benefits of including Sustana EnviroLife™ in your products to achieve a substantial improvement in your ecological balance sheet. 

Know the benefits

Stronger focus

An LCA allows us to focus on the most significant environmental impacts as we develop and evaluate sustainability programs and policies. 

Informed decisions

It informs product decisions on the potential environmental impacts from raw materials sourcing, operations and transportation.  

Engaged end-users

It supports engagement with end-users to reduce the impact of the product through its life and disposal. 

Our LCA Brochures

Want to know more? Download our LCA Brochures to learn how we quantify our environmental footprint – to make yours as small as possible.

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