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Sustana EnviroNatural™ 

EnviroNatural is 100% sustainable recycled natural fiber made in North America and is compliant with FDA standards for use in sustainable food-grade packaging.

A great option for fiber-based packaging products in the food service industry such as sandwich wraps, food trays and bowls, and takeout containers. 

EnviroNatural application

EnviroNatural is compliant for use in food packaging

EnviroNatural is 100% sustainable recycled fiber made in the USA and is compliant with FDA standards for use in direct food contact packaging. 

Our blend of recovered materials gives EnviroNatural strength and durability for food packaging, board and molded fiber applications supporting a circular economy. 


Why Sustana EnviroNatural™ 

Compliant with FDA Standards

Can be used in direct food contact packaging at 100% inclusion without the need of a barrier of any type.

21 CFR 176.170

21 CFR 176.180

21 CFR 176.260

Produced with 100% Recycled Natural Fiber
Fluorescent Free

Having fluorescent agent activities eliminated and/or reduced to a level which allows the pulp to be suitably used in food grade applications which require no, or minimal, amount of fluorescence.

Elemental Chlorine Free

In the manufacturing process, the fiber has been bleached without the use of elemental chlorine.

FSC® Certified FSC-C084677

FSC Recycled - Produced with 100% recycled fiber

Certificate Code: SCS-COC-003204

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Kosher Certification

Available upon request

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Our mills

Our mills have an enduring commitment to sustainable manufacturing. This includes energy efficiency, water conservation, wastewater treatment technology, and recycling of process by-products.

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