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Security Profile

Unrivaled reputation. Inimitable products.

Sustana’s security papers protect the authenticity of passports, checks, ballots and other valuable documents. The essence of our business is protecting the good name of your organizations’ reputation thanks to our superior products, expertise and service.  

We have a longstanding tradition of providing reliable and discreet service to public and private sector customers worldwide. 

1 Security high tech

Traditional and high-tech protection

All our security papers are embedded with multiple levels of traditional and innovative features to protect you against document duplication and alteration. Our customer support team has the expertise to understand specialized security requirements and recommend the most appropriate solutions. 

Security starts with secure practices

Sustana’s security legacy is unmatched. Our comprehensive approach to security extends beyond manufacturing, to distribution and rigorous customer audits. 

2 Security practices

Security shields

At the mill

All paper stock, dandy rolls and other supplies are under strict supervision at all times. Several layers of advanced security and monitoring systems safeguard our facilities, personnel and integrity.  


Customized product

All our products are custom-made and employ a special combination of security features – and are closely guarded secrets.  

Limited production

Since every product recipe is unique, we make just enough paper to meet your needs, preventing any overstock from falling into unauthorized hands.  

Limited distribution

Sustana only ships security papers products to qualified security printers, ensuring the integrity of your documents by limiting distribution.

Customer audits

Each new customer undergoes a security audit, which includes an investigation of the paper’s end use, to ensure legitimacy. 

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