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Sustana EnviroPrint™ 

With Sustana EnviroPrint™ – made with 100% sustainable recycled fiber – you are guaranteed crisp image and high-quality printing results with a smooth finish, every time. This reliable, multipurpose sustainable paper is ideal for companies who make supporting the circular economy a priority. It’s the perfect choice for a variety of commercial printing projects, such as high-end magazines, brochures, or promotional materials. Available in several text and cover weights, Sustana EnviroPrint™ is designed to deliver rich color quality. 

A 100% sustainable recycled paper

Made from 100% sustainable recycled fiber, Sustana’s EnviroPrint™ product line has the smallest environmental footprint in North America’s paper industry, while always offering incredible brightness for superior color reproduction.

Get a high-end look, every time

Sustana EnviroPrint™ provides better opacity and stiffness, so your materials always have a high-end look and feel that reflects your business best. Use it for any project you’re taking on in your business, from corporate brochures to on-trend magazines. Plus, you’ll know you’ve chosen a sustainable option.

Certifications & Attributes

large 100
Recycle 100%
FSC C009908 Promotional Black EN cmyk
FSC® C009908
Logo Preferred By Nature
Preferred by Nature™
Ancient Forest Friendly EN cmyk
The Ancient Forest Friendly™
PCF New 2019
Process Chlorine Free
Permanent Paper

Downloads & Specifications

Using one short ton of Sustana EnviroPrint™  instead of virgin paper is the equivalent of saving:

Icon trees
gallons of water
lb of greenhouse
gas emissions

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