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Bringing fiber products full circle with sustainable innovation.

Sustana manufactures premium, sustainable FSC® certified recycled fiber for the production of printing and commercial papers, towel and tissue paper, and food-grade packaging. 

Food Grade

Printing & Writing


De Pere Facility Video Tour
Sustana EnviroLife™ Life Cycle Assessment 
Sustana EnviroTouch™ Product Data Sheet
Sustana EnviroBright™ Product Data Sheet
Sustana EnviroLife™ Product Data Sheet
Sustana EnviroNatural™ Product Data Sheet


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Working together for a sustainable tomorrow 

Sustana’s philosophy leverages a special combination of insight and accountability to effect positive change. 

We believe that courage, humility and patience are the keys to striking a responsible balance between prosperity and purpose. That’s why we strive to achieve sustainable growth by investing in our products, our people and the planet.

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