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Resilient, reliable protection

Sustana uses a full range of traditional and innovative high-tech security features that are embedded into the paper during the manufacturing process. These features underlie our ability to manufacture security papers that meet the most demanding security requirements, and provide the best possible protection against counterfeiting. 

1 Premium Security Checksecur

CheckSecur™ family

When it comes to taking a bite out of check fraud and document forgery, Sustana’s CheckSecur™ papers stand out from the pack. Our five types of papers are developed with the latest technology to help your organization thrive in a market where imposters are constantly on the prowl. 

Customized, protected products

Most security papers are unique, as they are manufactured for a specific use. Sustana’s security papers include features – designed to foil even the most advanced scanners and printers – into the paper substrate during the manufacturing process. When combined, these features ensure an even greater degree of security, protecting document authenticity and your organization’s integrity. 

2 Premium customized


Used for hundreds of years, watermarks remain one of the most reliable security features. Interpol considers multi-tone watermarks to be one of the best deterrents against forgery. Random or localized watermarks (best seen when held up to a light), which can be raised, shadowed or multi-tone, cannot be photocopied, scanned or altered by chemicals. Sustana offers pre-designed security watermarks as well as custom-made marks that remain the customer’s property.

3 Premium Security Watermark

Visible security fibers

Visible security fibers cannot be reproduced. They are available in a range of colors and shapes, and Sustana recommends a combination of the following:  

  • Visible and invisible fibers  
  • Non-fluorescent and fluorescent (visible only under ultraviolet light) fibers  
  • Fibers (3-6 mm) and microfibers (0.375 mm) 
4 Premium Security Fiber

Chemical reactors

Chemically reactive security papers are treated with agents that become visible the instant a chemical alteration is attempted.  

The various chemical reactors can be used alone or in combination, and include sensitivity to:  

  • Oxidants 
  • Polar and non-polar solvents  
  • Inorganic acids  
  • Bases (alkalis)  
  • Reducers 
5 Premium Security Chemical

Paper shade

Fully tinted paper protects against color duplication, because counterfeit printed sheets use white paper. 

6 Premium Security Planchette


Embedded and randomly distributed during the papermaking process, security planchettes are tiny nonreproducible dots that help end users validate a document’s authenticity:  

  • Fluorescent planchettes change color under ultraviolet light  
  • Non-fluorescent planchettes can be manually removed from the paper surface  
  • Chemically reactive planchettes change color upon contact with an alkaline solution  
  • Thermochromic planchettes change color on heat contact  
  • Bi-thermochromic planchettes change to two different colors on heat contact 

UV dull/dead

This distinctive property is the first security barrier for any security paper, showing very limited (dull) or absent (dead) fluorescence when the paper is exposed to ultraviolet light. 

7 Premium Security UV

Invisible security fibers

Invisible security fibers cannot be reproduced. They are available in a range of colors and shapes, and Sustana recommends a combination of the following: 

  • Invisible and visible fibers 
  • Non-fluorescent and fluorescent fibers (visible only under ultraviolet light) 
  • Fibers (3-6 mm) and microfibers (0.375 mm) 
8 Premium Security invisible fibers


SecurLaser is a unique double-sided surface treatment that increases the bonding of toner to the surface of the sheet. Attempts to remove laser-printed variable information will cause the paper to delaminate. 

The visible evidence of fraud will thwart the most sophisticated fraudsters. Our security paper products are guaranteed for MICR and MOCR applications, meeting banking standards for high-speed optical readers and magnetic ink recognition. 


9 Premium Security frangability


Paper designed to break into pieces following attempts to remove or mechanically attack the paper surface. 

Ghost reactor

An invisible taggant embedded in paper, Ghost Reactor is a proprietary technology that instantly distinguishes a genuine document from a fraud with the help of a miniature portable detector or desktop reader. This technology can also be built into a high-speed scanner. Ghost Reactor offers invincible, invisible embedded protection that renders your paper unique and impervious to duplication. Different versions of Ghost Reactor are available. 

10 Premium Security ghost reactor

Scan-to-Check GR

The latest evolution in document validation, this functionality combines Sustana’s Ghost Reactor taggant with automated, high-speed document processing equipment such as check scanners or election ballot tabulators. The perfect solution for high-volume document validation processes. 

11 Premium Security Scan to check

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