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LCA Paper

We have conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess and manage the footprint of our papers, demonstrating that Sustana Enviro paper grades have the smallest environmental footprint when compared to the average papers grades in North America.  

We can help you manage your own paper footprint. By using Sustana papers, you can achieve a substantial improvement in your ecological balance sheet. 

LCA Paper grade

Sustana Enviro™ paper grade, the best in its category

Sustana Enviro™ has the smallest environmental footprint when compared to other recycled and virgin papers in the industry. That’s because it’s made with 100% sustainable recycled fiber, processed without chlorine and made using renewable energy, including hydroelectricity. 


Sustana Enviro paper grades are the best compared to the average virgin and 100% recycled paper in North America. 

Climate Change

Global warming potential 

Graph warming


Species potentially affected by forest management 

Graph Biodiversity

Water Quality

Contribution to fresh water eutrophication 

Graph water

Sustana’s environmental footprint

Impact on climate change 

Sustana Enviro paper grades’s climate change impact is mainly attributable to emissions from paper decomposing in landfills and the fuel needed to collect used paper. The energy source we use to manufacture our papers –  hydroelectricity – help to greatly reduce the impact on climate change.  

TOTAL: 1,027 kg CO2 eq. / metric ton of paper 

Our LCA brochure

Wish to get closer? Download our LCA brochure to learn how we quantify our environmental footprint – to make yours as small as possible.

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