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Sustana Fiber and Société Via join forces to recycle locally

Sustana Fiber and Société Via join forces to recycle locally

Sustana Fiber, specializing in the manufacturing of recycled fiber from recovered paper materials, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Société VIA, a company that specializes in the sorting and recovery of recycled materials. Recovered multi-layer food and beverage containers are then recycled locally through the Sustana Fiber initiative. A first for a partnership of this type!

Circular economy at the forefront

With the decrease in the quantities of paper available for recycling, the search for an alternative recover paper material, such as multi-layer boards, was another option for Sustana Fiber, even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new partnership, with a local supply, allows Sustana Fiber to reduce its environmental footprint in addition to promote the Quebec market. A significant gain is made in terms of transportation and greenhouse gas emissions for these types of recovered paper products, which had been previously exported.

A winning agreement

In this period of transformation in the recycling industry, price volatility is a significant issue for sorting centers like Société VIA. The development of an agreement of this type is therefore welcomed because it also ensures a stable price for these materials that will be recycled.

 “Sustana Fiber is a local company that has been able to transform itself. We are proud to be able to collaborate with them to put forward the circular economy. Over the past few years, we have upgraded our sorting centers, which has allowed us to increase our production capacity, in addition to improve the capture rate and quality of these materials. We are confident that these innovations will benefit this partnership,” said Jean-Sébastien Daigle, President and CEO at Société VIA.

Sustana Fiber has shown the successful results in recycling this material supply and to attract the attention of other sorting centers throughout Quebec. The company is currently evaluating an expansion project that would allow it to recycle 15,000 tons per year, compared to the current 4,000 tons.

“The fibers contained in multi-layer containers are a renewable resource with a great potential for recovery. At Sustana Fiber, this alternative fiber source is valuable and the supply agreement with Société VIA demonstrates our commitment to improve the recycling of these containers in Quebec and thus contribute to the sustainable development of our economy. “says Jean-Sébastien Foisy, Vice President of Operations at Sustana Fiber.

About Sustana Fiber

A recognized leader in sustainability with a passion for quality, continuous improvement and environmental stewardship, Sustana Fiber promotes sustainable business practices and manufacturing processes to produce high-quality, 100% sustainable recycled fiber for a wide range of printing and writing papers, tissue grades, and food packaging applications across North America. Sustana Fiber is constantly looking for innovative strategies to further reduce its environmental footprint while enhancing the circular economy.

For more information: sustanafiber.com

About Société Via

Created in 1977, Société VIA is a company specialized in the sorting and recovery of recyclable materials. Its primary mission is to create jobs for people with functional limitations within a framework of integration and adaptation.

Its expertise allows the company, among other things, to supply more than twenty companies in Quebec with recyclable materials. Société VIA operates five sorting centers in Levis, Quebec, Riviere-du-Loup, Degelis and Saguenay and currently processes 138,000 tons per year.

For more information: societevia.com

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