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Sustana shares with Paper360 the De Pere Mill Optimization for Production of Dry bales


In a strategic move, Sustana has acquired fiber drying equipment for its De Pere, Wisconsin facility.

Since its establishment, the De Pere mill has specialized in the production of wet lap fiber, with the capability of producing 450 tons per day of quality sustainable fiber. However, growth potential has long been hindered by the challenges inherent in handling a product with roughly 50% water content. Now, with the integration of dryer equipment, Sustana is poised to propel production into a new era of excellence within the recycled fiber market.

Central to Sustana’s endeavor is a steadfast commitment to sustainability and innovation. This drive led to the acquisition of fluff drying equipment previously idle at the Chetwynd mill in British Columbia. At the time of the Chetwynd mill closure, the drying system and presses were undergoing reconstruction and were at various stages of repair. Now, as Sustana breathes new life into this equipment, the De Pere facility stands ready to embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Learn more about the journey from equipment acquisition to startup and read about the strides being made in sustainable fiber production. Read the full article here.

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