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Think Recycled Fiber First

Think Recycled Fiber First

As the climate crisis continues, consumers around the world are evaluating their use of everyday items—and paper products are no exception. There is a growing demand for brands to take steps toward sustainability and leveraging sustainable recycled fiber rather than virgin pulp in paper products is one place to start.

Paper products that use recycled fiber not only protect our forests by reducing the demand to harvest trees—but they save waste, water, and chemical use. When we transform recycled materials into premium recycled fiber, we can save millions of pounds of material that would otherwise be created in the virgin paper manufacturing process. This process also reduces energy and therefore greenhouse gas emissions, helping to mitigate the climate crisis.

Sustainable paper-based packaging that meets your standards

When choosing paper-based packaging, it is critical that it is both sustainable and superior. As much as consumers want to be eco-friendly, they do not want their morning lattes in a sub-par to-go cup.

EnviroLife® is a solution for all paper products, from coffee cups to take-out containers. It uses 100% sustainable recycled fiber, creating circularity for a sustainable future. This helps authentically address your consumers’ concerns.

EnviroLife® is also compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for use in food-grade paper packaging. It’s a sustainable solution for use in direct food contact papers and packaging products. What’s more, EnviroLife® is OBA-free (optical brightening agent), contains zero fluorescence, and is elemental chlorine free. You can view the FDA’s approval statements about EnviroLife® here:

  • FDA No Objection Letter (NOL) stating the fiber “is of a purity suitable for food-contact use.”
  • EnviroLife® can comprise of up to 100% of food and beverage packaging without a barrier and is compliant with FDA standards for food grade packaging for contact with all types of food under all conditions of use (21 CFR 176.170, 21 CFR 176.180, and 21 CFR 176.260).

If you are deciding whether it is worth switching your business to sustainable paper-based packaging, consumer data holds the answer. When brands use recycled paper packing, consumers respond positively. A recent study found that 57% of consumers are actively taking steps to reduce their use of plastic packaging and 36% would avoid retailers that are not actively trying to reduce their non-recyclable plastic packaging.

While paper and cardboard packaging rank highest with consumers—66% say they are better for the environment, and 51% say they are easier to recycle than other materials like glass or plastic.

Sustainable paper-based packaging that’s eco-friendly

The environmental arguments for using EnviroLife® are persuasive. First, it helps to create a circular economy aimed at limiting waste and the continual use of resources. And statistics associated with Sustana’s annual paper recycling are impressive, too. Every year, Sustana Fiber recycles enough paper to reduce landfill space by over 1 million cubic yards. Over 318, 000 tons is made into new recycled fiber for sustainable paper products, which saves:

  • 7,620,000 trees
  • 3,210,000 BTUs of energy
  • 6,100,000 gallons of water
  • 26,000,000 pounds of disposal
  • 3,300,000,000 pounds of CO2

Sustana Fiber believes in keeping materials out of landfills, toxins out of the air and using only what they need as efficiently as they can. That principle is applied to every point in Sustana’s process, from day-to-day operations to strategic direction-setting.

Transforming recovered paper into high-quality recycled fiber is the essence of Sustana’s business. And they walk the walk with ongoing efforts to recover alternative fibers from additional sources such as paper cups, release liners, and gable top and aseptic cartons.

Sustana works hard to create a circular economy. In fact, their facilities can process up to 2.2 million pounds of recovered material every day. That equates to 750 million pounds  per year being diverted from landfill.

Businesses looking to mitigate their impact on the climate while being in step with what matters to consumers choose recycled fiber products containing EnviroLife®. It’s a smart, sustainable option because there’s no trade-off in quality, while also being kinder to the environment. What more could you ask for?

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